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■■■ 2004-07-12


You can print and save this checklist to work on

1. Tell me what you want using the Online Enquiry Form  
2.Find out what it will cost


3.Start simple, if you are on a small budget or are unclear what you want  
4.Develop your website over time  
5.Email us with your questions any time  


1. Tell me what you want

Look at as many websites as you can, to get some ideas of what you want at least, and then fill in and send me the Online Enquiry Form (filling in the Enquiry Form puts you under no obligation to buy a website). The order form will ask you a few basic questions about yourself and what type of website you want, and this is usually enough information to allow me to give you a Price Quote of what it will cost to make the website you want.

2. Find out what it will cost

Once I have emailed you a Price Quote, you can then decide whether you can to go ahead. If you feel the Price Quote is too high, then do let me know! I can possible find and suggest other ways to make the site less expensive for you, or perhaps you could start with a Basic Website, and we can add to it over time, when you can afford to continue developing it.


3.Start simple, if you have a low budget, or are unclear what you want

Think about what you really want- at this point. It's often infact a good idea to start off with a simple website, and later add extras to it, as over time, your ideas may get clearer or change as you get more experienced. Websites are not static magazine pages. Most websites change and are redesigned frequently, as the people who own them come up with new ideas or discover new technology that will enhance their pages. Once you have a wesbite online, it is often much easier to imagine more ideas on how you would like it to look, so it is often worth getting a basic website, and then developing it.

4.Develop your website over time if you wish

Once you have a website, you are welcome to email me in the months ahead, as new ideas come to you, and we can add to and develop your website in a relaxed way. I am always happy to answer any questions you might have, for example; if you have an idea, but don't know if it will work or look good. I cannot stress enough that a website is not a static object like a book or magazine that cannot be changed once it has been made. The beauty of websites is that they are organic and can be altered any time to reflect new ideas you want to try out. This is how many people design websites, rather than just making one and leaving it unchanged forever.This is also a very good idea for those of you on a low budget!

5.Email me anytime for help

Do remember that I am here to help, and do not charge for genearl advice. If I have time, I will answer any questions that are emailed to me, even if you are not buying a wesbite. However please be patients, as sometimes I may have a number of projects on and will not be able to answer you right away. When you are feel you are ready to start having your wesbite designed by us, then simply fill in the Online Enquiry Form, and I will send you a Free Quote.