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■■■ 2004-07-12

To find out how much we would charge to design a family tree template and website for you, simply fill in the following Enquiry Form. Filling in this form is completely free, and does not obligate you in nay way to having a website designed by us . It simply allows us to find out more about you and your needs, and thus helps us decide how much work would be involved in designing your genealogy website. Every one who fills in this form will get a personal email reply quoting how much we would charge to create a website for you.


Found us how and where?

How many people in your family tree?

Is your list of names in your family tree likely to grow over the next year?

Is your family tree currently in a gedcom file format?

Do you already have a genealogy website of any kind?
YES (online) YES (on my pc) or NO


What is the quality of you family photographs?

GOOD (ready for the internet)

MEDIUM (may need some work) or

POOR(need alot of work)


Which of these describes the kind of website do you think you would like?

BASIC TEMPLATE (Predesigned)

MIDRANGE (Create my own design)

MIDRANGE (and would like to add MORE FEATURES and names over time)

HIGH LEVEL (I could be interested in Flash animation,music and other high level features)


What is the maximum price range you might want to spend on a genealogy website?

UNDER $100 $150-350 or $400 or above


How would you describe your familiarity with the internet?



Would you be interested in having your own domain name?


Would you be interested in having your genealogy on a cd-rom to keep or give as presents to others?


Would you be interested being able to update your website yourself or having it updated and maintained by us?

Would you be interested in paid professional hosting for your genealogy website?

Your Monitor Size :

PC or Apple Mac?:

What is your Internet Provider Software?


Do you already have some idea how you would like your website to look?

YES(very clear ideas) YES (a few ideas) or NO(not sure how to start)

If so, please describe briefly what kind of genealogy website design you have in mind so far. Please also if you can, include several website addresses of websites that you like,(even if they are not genealogy websites), explaining why you like them :

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